Why is modesto so dangerous?

Modesto has a high crime rate and is not considered safe enough. The main problems here are related to the theft of things, thefts, attacks, car thefts. The spectacle of homeless people in wheelchairs, perched on low concrete barriers, sleeping on sidewalks and rummaging through garbage bins has become as much a part of the city's ambience as the Betty Saletta sculptures of chief Stanislao and the modest newspaper vendor. Today, Modesto residents and their county neighbors seem unable to understand the real consequences of demonizing and reducing the size of government.

Every member of the Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors is a staunch Trump Republican, and Modesto Mayor Ted Brandvold, while not willing to publicly admit it, is also a conservative Republican. Under Brandvold's leadership, Modesto is a city under siege, not only because of increased crime and an explosive population of people with nowhere to go, but also because of a plague of unauthorized spending amounting to millions of dollars. Therefore, if you are traveling to Modesto, you should avoid areas far from the city center, do not walk on the streets with poor lighting at night, and avoid talking to homeless people and beggars. What Brandvold undoubtedly learned is that Modesto may not be formally bankrupt, but in fact it has too many financial problems to provide even minimum standards of public safety.

Yes, to add to this, I grew up in Ceres, which is a low-income city with fewer things to do than Modesto. With a population of approximately 201,165 and the eighteenth largest city in the state of California, Modesto has an extremely high crime rate. Once Modesto has a reputation for being absolutely tough on crime, you'll have a chance to return to the nice and beautiful drug-free city it once was. Especially in Modesto and Stanislaus County, far-right Republicans dominate all major political positions.

Every time Modesto appears in those, “Worst Places to Live”, lists that are often city leaders vociferously object. If Modesto's leaders strengthen their police department, giving the chief the assets he needs to clean up the city with a strong arm, Modesto has hope. There is a lot of hate for Modesto on the Internet, but it was my hometown for 28 years and I actually miss it a lot (I'm thinking of going back). However, in Modesto, you can find entertainment such as Sunshine Rafting Adventures, which offers low-cost carriage trips down the Stanislaus River from Knights Ferry.

Crime) The point here is that Modesto is routinely located at or near THE BOTTOM of desirable places to live. Unfortunately, Modesto is a product of the laws of liberal California and it's sad to say, but until the California government changes, Modesto remains doomed to failure.

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