Can recycling modesto ca?

Best 10 Recycling Center in Modesto, CA; Go Green — · 2, 3 mi. The City of Modesto hires Gilton Solid Waste Management and Bertolotti Disposal Service for all garbage collection and recycling services. Located at 1425 9th Street in downtown Modesto, we're just two blocks north of the DoubleTree Hotel (the only tall building in downtown Modesto). Each company has an exclusive service area as considered by Modesto City Council, so your garbage company is determined by the street you live on.

The streets of the city of Modesto are swept once a month within 48 hours of collecting the ornaments from its large garden. There are 1,260 recycling centers across the state that repurchase empty California Reimbursement Value (CRV) beverage containers.

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