Why is modesto a good place to live?

Living in Modesto has several benefits. This city has several qualities, such as low cost of living, affordable housing, access to services and proximity to major cities. But you should also keep in mind the disadvantages. They include high crime rates, a poor economy and high tax rates.

It is important to choose an area with good consistency in school grades. While the area you're looking at right now may have great elementary schools for your young children, it's worth looking at the middle and high schools they'll attend when they're older. The quality grades of Niche's nearby elementary, middle and high school are very similar. If you have children and want a consistent school experience as they grow up, this neighborhood can be a good place to plant roots for the long term.

Yes, Modesto is a great place to live. Modesto ranks well in a combination of education, crime, cost of living and diversity. Modesto really has something for everyone, and that's why it's a great place to call home. Yes, to add to this, I grew up in Ceres, which is a low-income city with fewer things to do than Modesto.

There is a lot of hate for Modesto on the Internet, but it was my hometown for 28 years and I actually miss it a lot (I'm thinking of going back). While this review should give a good detailed idea about the advantages and disadvantages of living in Modesto, it may not incorporate all the areas that may appeal to some people. If you're considering a move to Modesto, CA, there are several ways to identify if Modesto is a good fit for you. The proximity to urgent care centers such as Kaiser Modesto Labor & Delivery, Instant Urgent Care and Mednow Urgent Care is also a plus.

I can say that I don't like Modesto or the valley in general and will probably return to the Bay Area eventually. Mainly agricultural in nature, Modesto is a “modest city in the Central Valley” so named because the dignitary the city intended to name itself rejected the honor out of modesty. In Modesto, the north and northeast are best for the safe neighborhoods of the suburbs, but they are pretty boring. I've never been to Modesto, so I'm trying to research the city before I have to make a decision for work.

Dessert shops such as Frost Bakery & Fine Foods, Oodles Frozen Yogurt, and Pura Vida Shaved Ice in Modesto, CA are great options for satisfying those with a sweet tooth. Modesto is trying and going in the right direction, but it has been a low-income city for a long time. You can have your morning cup of coffee at Coffee Kiosk in Modesto Junior College East, Chll Enterprises, or Recreation & Neighborhood Service and sit down for a relaxed weekend brunch at Carl's Jr. For young families there are many child care options in Modesto, California, including the Kairos Child Development Center, Learning Care Group, ABC and 123 Licensed Child Care, and the Family Child Care Program.

There are 11 electric vehicle charging points in Modesto, California, with 20 Tier 2 charging points and 15 DC fast charging points. There are a few parks and playgrounds in Modesto, California, including Rotary Centennial Junction, Recreation & Neighborhood Service and Freedom Park. The total number of homes for sale in Modesto, California is 88% lower than at the same time a year ago.

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