Why does modesto smell?

So you can escape through a manhole cover at any time. The garbage can sometimes smell like rotten salami. If not, there are several food processing plants in the area. If they are making onions or garlic, they sometimes do it in night shifts so as not to disturb neighboring housing estates.

Dan enjoyed a pleasant two-day vacation in Monterrey. When he got home, he turned on the faucet for a drink of cold water. To his dismay, a foul smell ruined his anticipated drink. When he called the water department of the city of Modesto to report the problem, someone came out the next day.

Dan suspected something was happening because the City had never responded so quickly to a service request. The motel is in an industrial area, but it is a short drive from Modesto (a few hundred metres), which is a pretty nice town. Many of Modesto's pipes are quite old; some are over 100 years old and an unknown number may need to be replaced.

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